Website Hosting [Philippines] Comparison 2023 [Updated] – Never Get this services until you read this!

If you’re looking for webhosting for your website in the Philippines, consider the 5 services in this link. These hosting services are available for us to avail here in the Philippines.

This is an unbiased review and we will some of their advantages and disadvantages.

This article is based on my personal experiences using these services.

We will look deeply at the cheapest offers to make the most out of our money. Most affordable hosting available here in the Philippines. We will break them one by one.


1. Siteground373
2. Godaddy169
3. Bluehost270
4. Hostinger109
5. Hostgator195

Here is the best hosting services for Professional Blogs / Websites / Online Store

1. SiteGround

SiteGround is one of the recommended host by WordPress.org. Their services is by far the best when it comes to support to their customers. If things get tricky, then you’ll get help fast.

Siteground is one of only four web host to be officially recommended by WordPress.org. Established in 2004, Siteground host over 650,000 websites globally and has one of the best WordPress hosting packages in the market. And websites are very fast because they developed their own technology called Supper Cacher (but later I disabled this because it has conflict with the website I made).

Basically all hosting has the same offers. We will site some disadvantage of using SiteGround as your provider.

Disadvantages of SiteGround:

  1. No free Domain name
  2. Limited storage space 10GB for the basic WordPress hosting.
  3. Only use Linux Servers – Windows based website may not be supported
  4. EXPENSIVE!! – They are reseller not direct.


They increased the price big time. I would not suggest SiteGround if you want to save money. I was shocked when they increased their price after the COVID19 lockdown and it was way above average hosting prices. The price of SiteGround basic hosting is $6.99/month or 373/month.

Do I recomend SIteGround Hosting?

Yes. SiteGround is an incredible host with even better reputation. But, SiteGround is a reseller. That is why they have higher price. They work hard to excel across all the important aspects you should look for a hosting company, customer support, performance, uptime and security.

2. GoDaddy

GoDaddy is one of the largest domain name registrars and reputable host. Their performance is good and offers tons of web storage.

However, it lacks some features like backups, SSL certificate and staging areas and emails. You always have to pay extra to use these services to GoDaddy.

I find their interface very confusing to use.

GoDaddy basic plan is P169.00/month.

Disadvantage or GoDaddy:

  1. No Free Domain Name
  2. No Free SSL – free in other hosting service
  3. No Email – you always have to buy to add email
  4. Interface – always down in the last few months. frustrating.

Do i recommend GoDaddy Hosting?

No. From my experience, I had a hard time using GoDaddy given my experience in developing websites. They have no free SSL and their SSL certificate is so expensive. The website I made with GoDaddy have been down for weeks and their SUPPORT said it’s fine but its not. I managed to recover my website all by myself and it was so frustrating.

GoDaddy may have a cheap offer, but for me it’s much better to go with other hosting. I think up to now, it’s January 2023 [updated this article] their support messaging is still not working properly. I tried several times to reach them because there are some problems in their hosting but no success. I found some forums what is happening and I found out that many are complaining the same problem with GoDaddy. One review said “GoDaddy destroyed a lot more business than Covid19.”

3. Bluehost

Ideal for small business and people wanting to start their first blog or website.

Bluehost is one of the most commonly used web hosts out here today. If you need is a hosting provider that places a focus on reliability, performance, and is equiped with the necessary features to help you build and grow your site.

Bluehost has a very long track record of customer satisfaction and success. Spend some time browsing through various reviews online and you’ll find that most of the responses are very positive overall.

Disadvantages of Bluehost:

Renewal price may increase.


Bluehost has a low start up price of $5.45/month(P304/month).

Bluehost has a free domain name for a year.

Do i recommend Bluhost hosting?

Yes. Bluehost is an incredibly high-prefoming and reliable host. With speeds and uptime that continously rank in the upper side of hosting companies. They are definitely a host you should consider.

Their plans are affordable and packed with feature plus. with a wide variety of available plans, you’re guaranteed to find a plan and package that is perfect for your new site.

Finally, those looking for a high-quality WordPress host should definitely consider Bluehost. Bluehost is one of the recommended hosting by WordPress.org.

5. Hostinger

Hostinger probably is the most affordable hosting service out there. Hostinger adopted their pricing on the value of the Philippine peso and that is why it is much cheaper than other services with Dollar Value with the same quality and service. With P109/month in premium where you can host up to 100 of your websites.

We can use G-cash payment to hostinger.

Hostinger has Hpanel which is their version of Cpanel. It has a slightly different interface in what I was used to, but H-Panel is a very user friendly interface.


To get the most our of Hostinger, I recomend geting your hosting ofr 4 years. You can get free domain name and free SSL certificate in ALL of your websites, the button below has 70% Discount on their hosting and automatically on Philippines based Pesos + 3 months FREE hosting.

Do I recomend Hostinger?

Yes! Hostinger is a company that understand the Philippine market. Some say if you get something for a cheaper price has low quality but in this case, Hostinger offers quality hosting. I made this website using Hostinger and many others.

All your website automatically have SSL.

With the button below, I get 70% discount here in the Philippines. If you go directly to Hostinger.com, Dollar money value may appear. Use the button for the Philippine peso-based link and have a lower price than US Dollar based.

4. HostGator

My very first website was built using HostGator. I’m still filled with fond memories to this day. You’d be hard-pressed to find a more rock-solid and reliable host, especially when you’re just starting our online.

If you’re a beginner, then you’ll want to go with a host who understands what it’s like to build your very first website.

They are straight to the point when you need expert support they always answer and their cpanel which is essential to websites is so powerful than other hosting and they don’t collect extra payment for these features, unlike GoDaddy.

Like I said earlier these hosting providers pretty much offer the same plans. What I love about Hostgator is that they gave a promo code that can save 60% on hosting plans. I am using a discount code specially made for customers in the Philippines

I am using the discount code “GATORPH” in the discount coupon area.

Disadvantage of HostGator Hosting:

  1. Renewal fees can increase.
  2. Dollar-based and do not accept e-wallets like gcash

Advantages of HostGator Hosting:

  1. All websites and subdomains have a FREE SSL automatically.
  2. Superb cpanel, and other hosting are strict.
  3. All your professional emails are free with your domain name.


If you are choosing Hostgator and this is your first time making a website, I suggest for the 3 years of basic web hosting you will get a free domain name, and your hosting is priced at $3.50/month(P195month)

All your websites automatically have SSL.

It is an extremely good deal if you are just starting out.

Do I recommend HostGator?

Yes. I do! This is the best hosting I used.

HostGator offers a variety of different hosting types, packages, and tools to suit virtually every kind of website owner. No matter what skill you have whether you are a beginner or an expert, HostGator can give you the most out of hosting.

If you are just starting out or just making one website and planning to have more than one website. Go for Hostgator.


Basically, when making a website, there are many options and inclusion, but here are some of the most important factors to look for.

HostingFree SSLFree Domain NameNumber of websitesFree EmailsPricingDiscounted links
1. SitegroundNo No1Unlimited373SiteGround
2. GoDaddyNo No10169GoDaddy
3. BluehostYes YesUnlimitedUnlimited304Bluehost
4. HostingerYes Yes 100100109Hostinger
5. HostgatorYes Yes5Unlimited195Hostgator


What is the best hosting to use? For me, in my experience, I choose HOSTINGER It is the best hosting service for me and I highly recommend it. they have a Philippines-based pricing and can accept Gcash.

My second choice is HOSTGATOR. They also have great services and have the most affordable deal, they have an Expert customer service.

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